When I look at the calendar, September is always my favorite month. There are a number of reasons: football season is back, hot weather is ending, Fall colors are coming, Kids are back in school and it is Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM)! Yep, Life Insurance Awareness Month is big deal for me because it is another opportunity to talk about the need to plan. autumn-72736_1280

I was thinking about ways that I can tie football and LIAM together. While I do see a ton of Northwestern Mutual ads during football (and they are good), I wanted to have a story to show the importance of insurance and football. Trust me, that is not easy! Then it hit me…Steve McNair! McNair was an All-American Quarterback out of Alcorn State who went on to play football for the Houston Oilers, who became the Tennessee Titans. He retired with the Ravens after 13 seasons in the NFL. He played in Super Bowl XXXIV and was a 3 time All Pro. He was a great quarterback and probably never thought about estate planning.

Unfortunately, McNair was murdered on July 4, 2009 by his girlfriend at the young age of 36. He did not have an estate plan and therefore his wife was left to deal with the grief of losing her husband and also had to beg a judge for money from his estate to help support herself and her children. With a little planning and life insurance, much of this could have been avoided but no one plans on dying at 36 or even 66! However, life can change in an instant and it is important that American’s plan and there is really no excuse for not doing it. Regardless of where you live, there is someone who can help you. Consider this, whatever excuse you have for not buying any/enough life insurance will sound petty to your loved ones after your funeral.

Don’t let September pass without taking the time to plan for the future. Once you have done that, sit down and enjoy some great football! If you don’t know where to go to plan for insurance, drop me a note and I can help you find an advisor who would be willing to help!