As many of us look to simplify in the New Year, creating personal resolutions and goals for ourselves, many of us are also looking to create new resolutions for our businesses as well. That’s where some of our TBA tools come in. They’ll help you slim down the excess paperwork and steps, and make you more efficient.

  • TBA Mobile App
    • This easy to use resource includes easy access to forms, the ability the run quotes on the go, as well as direct dial to all TBA staff, and the ability to easily upload and email paperwork. To download the app, click here.


  • Client Data Form
    • TBA’s client data form provides you with the tools necessary to get the most accurate quotes for your clients, without having to ask them the awkward and personal questions. For more information on how it works, click here.

Client Data Form

  • 1 Page Multi-Carrier Application
    • The 1 Page App works for all carriers, and allows you to just ask a few simple questions and we’ll take it from there. We’ll call your client to complete the carrier application, send it to you both for electronic signature and then it’s off to carrier for processing. Providing your client faster coverage, and creating less work for you. To download the app and the step-by-step guide, click here.



We hope that you will take advantage of some of these tools in 2016, making you more efficient and able to provide better coverage to your clients. As always, if you have questions, give anyone on our team a call at 865-588-9555.